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Titanium acid lithium battery will trigger a electric car modification

Time:2012-10-26 17:24:45  |  Sources:Lithium ion rechargeable cells,LIFEPO4 rechargeable batteries,Power type lithium batteries,Custom made battery packs,Mobile power  |  Author: admin
New energy car - especially in pure electric drive car in reducing energy consumption, reduce carbon dioxide emissions etc, it has significant effect, therefore be regarded as the future trend of car turn. But because of lithium ion battery technology there are many short board, cause electric car has always been difficult to big scheme using widely. "Iron phosphate lithium battery has encountered bottleneck... more safety, function better titanium acid lithium battery have can bring revolutionary transformation......" Chinese academy of engineering, the world electric car association President ChenQingQuan said.
As is known to all, at the time of the main domestic vehicle power battery widely choose iron phosphate lithium battery, the first by the positive electrode material, negative electrode materials, diaphragm and electrolyte composition. As a chemical power supply system, the working conditions in the depiction of scheme within the general not simple spontaneous combustion occurred, such as safety issue. But lithium ion battery cathode first choose graphite materials, charging easily spare lithium dendritic, constitute a short circuit batteries, lithium batteries affect the safety function; Easy together constitute SEI and cause ChuDu charge and discharge power is low, irreversible capacity is big. This makes now most of the electric car "can't" of quick charge fast put, and can only choose slow filling method, seriously restrict the use of the vehicle on the flexibility and convenience, the electric car to the promotion of widely brought a lot of obstacles.
In addition, commercial diaphragm for porous PP/PE material, thickness is generally 20-30 microns or so, is positive pole material and between anode materials only barrier, when the battery occur external short circuit or by acupuncture kneading, very simple cause diaphragm split, constitute a brief period of large current, make the battery internal temperature rise, and in a very short time cause series of violent reaction. Last year, this year happened a few up electric vehicle disturbance, lithium battery occurs the combustion representation, this makes the social from all walks of life to the security of electric vehicle questioned, also promote affiliate to speed up the modern power battery research and development steps.
In yesterday's "2012 new energy automobile industry hair bundle and cooperation peak BBS and project butt fair", ChenQingQuan academician again mentioned a new battery, titanium acid lithium battery's excellent performance. In the interview, ChenQingQuan further points out: "when lithium iron phosphate in energy density is now open to a (relatively) higher level, want to further break very difficult. But now launched titanium acid lithium battery (i.e., lithium titanate LTO as anode materials) in use is safe (lithium ion in the embedded and emerge when the lattice constant and volume changes are small), (for LTO material not with electrolytic reaction so) won't make SEI; plus titanium acid lithium potential than lithium metal high, is not easy to spare lithium dendritic, thus (than choose carbon negative electrode material of lithium ion battery) more security.
Compared with carbon anode materials, lithium titanate with high of lithium ion diffusion coefficient (2 * 10-8 cm2 / s), so it can be carried out with a high ratio charge and discharge, and battery capacity attenuation slowly, life is high also many, circulation charge and discharge frequency over 25000 times. "Now (titanium acid lithium) the biggest problem is in value to your many (said to your two times above), and now the nation can do (titanium acid lithium battery) company is too little, if who can put the lithium titanate do save your money, that will give electric cars bring revolutionary reform."
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