2020 world battery Expo and the 5th Asia Pacific battery Expo

From:Shenzhen BAK Technology Co., Ltd    Date:2020-08-14

Exhibition date
August 16-18, 2020
Exhibition venue
Guangzhou Canton Fair Exhibition Hall area a
Exhibition area
The exhibition area is expected to reach 60000 square meters
Number of exhibitors
800-1200 well-known enterprises at home and abroad
Number of visitors
It will receive 45000 visitors from all over the world, including 7500 foreign visitors
Brand enterprise
Battery enterprises such as Chinese Academy of Sciences, catl, Lishen, bick, Penghui, Zhenhua, Chuangming, Guanyu, Zhihang, Aoyou, Anchi, Luhua, Shengli, xupai, zhongtianhong, Lidong, Hengdong, keliyuan, Jinghui, lithium Valley, jiusen, hangge, AVIC lithium, Yinlong, Xinwangda, haisida, Lixin, Yuhuang, hualiyuan, Tianshi, Shuangdeng, aoguan and other battery enterprises They are Zhengye, Chengjie, Zhongmai, yixinfeng, Keming, yishengda, Huayang, Ali, Huashu Jinming, Han's, Hongbao, Dali, aoruite and other equipment suppliers; Tianci, lanketu, AOZHONG, Haili, kaipret, Xingyi, Weiyi, kaina and other material enterprises; BMS and supporting suppliers of Jingbin electronics, lierda, Chaoshi, Jianrui fire, etc.; and Tianjin Exhibition Group and Guangdong Sichuan Battery Industry Association Exhibition Group, Asia lithium City, Yichun Economic Development Zone Exhibition Group, Dongguan lithium battery exhibition group, etc
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