N18650CK 3.6v 3350mAh

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Product Details
Lithium-ion rechargeable battery cell: N18650CK
,higher energy, long cycle life
Suitable for electric vehicles

Nominal capacity:3050 mAh @ 0.2 C
Minimum capacity2950 mAh @ 0.2 C
Nominal voltage:3.6 V
Charge voltage:4.20 V
Discharge cut-off voltage:2.5 V
Energy density:234 Wh/Kg(0.2C)
Max charge current:
1C (3050mA) 10℃≤T≤45℃
0.2C(610mA) 10℃>T≥0℃
Max discharge current:
1C (3050mA) 60℃>T≥45℃
2C (6100mA) 45℃>T≥5℃
0.5C (1525mA) 5℃>T≥-20℃
Application:New energy vehicles
Humidity range:
0 ~ 60 % RH (non-condensing )
Battery cell is comply, UL and IEC and RoHS Directive-compliant
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