Lithium ion battery pack BAKTH-455671P-2S2P-3M (7.4V 5000mAh)

Max charging current: 2A
Max discharging current: 2A
Charging Temperature:0~45℃
Discharging Temperature:-20~60℃
Humidity range:0~85%(non-condensing)
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Product details
*Suitable for BAKTH-455671P-2S2P-3M
*Voltage: 7.4V
*Capacity: 5000mAh
*production by automatic production line with high quality materials *Strictly quality conctrol
*assembling with protect circuit board wrapped by PVC shrinking sleeve, leading out 3-pin connector
*Max charging current: 2A
*Max discharging current: 2A
*Charging Temperature:0~45℃
*Discharging Temperature:-20~60℃
*Humidity range:0~85%(non-condensing)
* Protect against over charge, over discharge, short circuit and over current
* Size: approximate 4.8*56.5*71.5mm
* Weight: about 180g
*Cycle Life:300cycles
*Application:variety of electrical appliances
* Safety performance: battery pack comply with UL and IEC standards
* Shipping terms: FOB Shenzhen or HK (CNF and DDU terms are available too)
* All kind of OEM battery pack are available, kindly contact us for further
* Information:
Shenzhen BAK technology is professional battery manufacturer for all kind rechargeable battery pack, power bank as well as battery cells production
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