R&D Advantage
The R&D team is established from the company's creation and accumulates hands-on experience in the industry. The technical leaders of the core team returning to study abroad are from the lithium-ion battery technology powerhouse Japan, the basic theory powerhouse United States, and the material resource powerhouse Australia.
The complementary knowledge structure and global resource network make DLG research and development progress always in sync with the world.
A young team of more than 50 domestic elite schools, including electrochemistry, electronics, electromechanical engineering, automatic control and computers, is the source of the company's vitality.
Advanced injection molding equipment / powerful mold processing ability / high-level dust-free cleaning line
A variety of testing equipment can analyze the physical characteristics of plastic raw materials and finished products to ensure the quality
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We have passed ISO9001,ISO16949 and ISO14001 certification Ensure that in the manufacturing process, from design and development, supplier selection and management, raw material inspection, manufacturing process management, reliability testing to delivery inspection, the advanced quality management system ensures to meet the quality requirements of customers
Professional battery enterprises, market share of more than 10%
Support ODM/OEM to
meet customers' individual needs.
The world's most
advanced imported equipment.
Independentr & dteam, professional design personnel.
We have strong CB,UL,UN,CE,ISO and other relevant certificates.
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